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The potential of Android and EMM

Switzerland has long been known as Apple country, but times are changing. The share of Android devices from the search engine giant Google and various other manufacturers has been increasing more and more in recent years in this country as well and exceeded the 50 percent mark at the end of 2019. In 2020, the market share of Apple’s smartphone operating system iOS in Switzerland was 46.7 per cent, while Android’s operating system reached 51.2 per cent.

The extreme popularity of Android among consumers inevitably led to many of these devices also being taken to work. In light of this trend, Google made the strategic decision to focus on Android as an effective device for businesses, making it easier for IT to manage and ensuring high data security in a work environment.

With the increasing adoption of Android in enterprises, many new devices are coming into the workplace. Only a small proportion of companies have yet understood the potential of an enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform to secure Android devices. It should be noted that all these new security and management features of the Android platform can only be used with an EMM solution. With the growing threat of potential data breaches, shadow IT, and the increasing use of malware and security vulnerabilities, employees’ unsecured access to sensitive corporate data on their Android devices without the protection of an EMM platform is a huge corporate security vulnerability. Registering an Android device on an EMM platform ensures data security while keeping this security measure invisible to the end user.

MobileIron delivers the most comprehensive and secure Android MDM

MobileIron for Android enables organisations around the world to transform the way they do business and engage with customers. With MobileIron, organisations benefit from a mobile-centric, trusted security platform that simplifies management and provides continuous security for employees. With MobileIron’s support for Android Enterprise, organisations can secure and manage Android devices with zero-touch enrolment including end-to-end lifecycle management. MobileIron provides a seamless and native end-user experience during device enrolment and the centralised console enables organisations to reduce the complexity and cost of managing a fleet of Android devices.

Android MDM & UEM Security Solutions,

Bulk security for Android Devices, Android EMM Security Solutions

A single console for simplified Android endpoint management.

MobileIron UEM helps you configure enterprise settings including email, Wi-Fi and VPN once and deploy them across a fleet of multi-OS endpoints including Android, iOS, macOS and Windows 10. Multi-vendor Android devices are used for a variety of use cases, including front-line responders, knowledge workers, remote workers and contractors. IT can use the management console to manage Android devices throughout their lifecycle, including enrolment, provisioning, security, wiping and reassignment/retirement for end users. The unified console helps reduce the complexity and costs associated with managing a fleet of Android devices.

Secure mobile apps and data on Android devices

Separate business and personal data with Android Enterprise or AppConnect. Enable data loss prevention with security features such as open-in and copy/paste restrictions, and use a secure access gateway to provide granular application-level access control. MobileIron UEM lets you deploy apps in a separate work profile to enforce protection for work apps and data.  MobileIron supports Managed Google Play, which provides a native application store for work devices that contains only explicitly approved apps, including support for private apps. Enable automatic app installation without requiring a user-provided Google account on the device and apply managed app configurations and permissions.

Separate business vs personal data on Android devices, Android UEM by MobileIron

Productivity Apps for Android Devices, Secure Mobile Browsing, Secure Email, Contacts and Documents with MobileIron UEM

Secure productivity apps for Android devices

MobileIron increases productivity for mobile users by providing multiple secure user apps for Android users. Email+ provides secure email, contacts, calendar and tasks. Docs@Work provides an intuitive way to access, store, edit and view documents. Last but not least, Help@Work allows all Android users to share their screens with a helpdesk agent for more efficient troubleshooting and faster problem resolution.

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