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As the world changes, so does business. Apple hardware, software and services work together to give employees the power and flexibility to get the job done – wherever they are. Employees can start a project on the Mac and finish it on the iPad, use side-by-side screens to expand the workspace, and even draw on the iPad with the Apple Pencil or use the iPhone for live updates on the Mac. And everything is compatible with Microsoft and Google apps, so the team can simply complete any task with ease.

Whether an organisation has ten devices or ten thousand, Apple fits effortlessly into their existing infrastructure. Fully automated deployments allow IT to configure and manage remotely. What’s more, IT can tailor the deployment process to any team. So Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV devices are ready to go right from the start.

What is Apple Business Manager

Apple Business Manager is Apple’s way of helping IT teams and businesses provision devices and purchase apps, as well as distribute content. This means the above processes are fully automated and work seamlessly with Apple Business Manager at the same time. This means companies can easily give employees access to Apple services, set up device enrolment and distribute apps, books and their own apps – all from one place.

The Apple DEP (Device Enrollment Program)

Apple DEP (Device Enrollment Program) allows corporate and school IT departments to enrol iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple TVs for Mobile Device Management (MDM) and secure them no matter what. Apple DEP is also the precursor to an important change that runs through all types of endpoint management: It replaces tedious manual imaging and registration processes with so-called out-of-box experiences or automated, standardised methods.

How Apple DEP works

With Apple DEP, registration is automatic and continuous. Apple’s previous management tools required users or administrators to enrol through a multi-step process that also required a USB connection to use supervised mode. Users at the time could remove devices from management at any time by simply removing or deleting profiles or MDM.

And this is how enrolment via Apple DEP typically works: An organisation provides Apple with information about its MDM server and then purchases new devices directly from Apple or from an authorised reseller. The DEP tags the devices so that Apple can associate them with the company’s MDM server when they are powered on and checked in as part of the normal initial installation. Enrolment is then automatic during the setup process. If someone completely resets the device, the same automatic process is run again. If a device is retired, IT can disconnect it from the DEP so the company can sell or reuse it.

Scalable, comprehensive lifecycle management and best-in-class support for iOS, iPadOS and macOS for enterprises with our bundled Mobile Operations Centre offerings. Contact us to learn more about how our Apple-certified team can bring the power of Apple platforms to your business.

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