Credentialed Mobile Device Security Professional (CMDSP)

Nomasis is an Approved Training Center (ATC) for the Credentialed Mobile Device Security Professional (CMDSP) by The Mobile Resource Group, LLC.

At Nomasis all technical employees are CMDSP-certified. 

Dates 2020:

  • 18/19 November 2020


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Nomasis is committed to making mobile computing more secure. Smartphones and tablets are increasingly becoming the means for the population to handle critical personal as well as business information and data. The Credentialed Mobile Device Security Professional (CMDSP) certification promotes knowledge of mobile devices and the environments they work within. A CMDSP certification shows that the holder is knowledgeable with the operating environments of mobile devices, and how those environments affect security.

CMDSP provides an Mobile IT Administrator the training and knowledge needed to manage an Enterprise’s mobile device use. CMDSP individuals are security practitioners who are expert in managing mobile devices so that his/her enterprise can use mobile devices securely without exposing the enterprise to any vulnerabilities. The CMDSP credential is an IT credential for security professionals working in the field of mobile devices. This credential is designed to demonstrate competence with Apple’s iOS, Microsoft’s Windows OS, and Google’s Android OS.


Learning objectives:

  • Modules 1-4
  • Preparation for CMDSP-certificate exams

Target audience:

  • Mobile Security Engineers, Network-Administrators, Mobile Device Managers, Security-Administrators, Mobility-Architects

The Credentialed Mobile Device Security Professional (CMDSP) course covers the following modules:

1. Mobile Device Industry/Hardware Overview

  • Types of Mobile Devices
  • Hardware Characteristics
  • Brand Leaders of Mobile Devices
  • Types of Sensors on Mobile Devices
  • Types of Mobile Operating Systems

2. Mobile Operating Systems

  • Mobile Software Stack
  • Application/Operating/Core Service Layers
  • Security-Android & iOS
  • Push Notifications
  • Kernel/Driver Layer

3. Mobile Connectivity and Network

  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Near Field Communications
  • Mobile Payment Systems
  • Cellular Networks/Data
  • Cellular Roaming
  • Cellular Generations
  • Direct Communication

4. Enterprise Mobility Management Strategy

  • Mobile IT Administrator Duties/Responsibilities
  • EMM Processes/Policies/BYOD
  • EMM Technology and Services(MDMs)
  • Mobile Application Management (MAM, App Stores)
  • Mobile Content Management
  • Endpoint Management
  • EMM Risk Management
  • Architecture and Deployment Strategies
  • Monitoring and Remediation

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