iOS-update blocking

Use cases

Any iOS updates are released by Apple and are immediately available for all iOS devices.

At the time, a version of iOS 8 introduced an error that prevented connection to MDM systems, making proper device management impossible.

In light of this, our customer wanted to have the ability to decide on its own when users would have permission to upgrade to the latest version of iOS. This way, the new version can be tested first and released upon successful verification.

Nomasis solution

In this project, Nomasis AG introduced Apple DEP (Device Enrollment Program) to the customer’s system, placing the devices in what is known as ‘Supervised’ mode. ‘Supervised’ mode gives the customer greater control over device security and functionality.

One of these additional functions provides the option of denying access to the Apple update service.

This way, the customer can block access to the iOS update in advance, releasing the update to the end user only after successful verification.


The benefits of this approach are clear. By introducing Apple DEP and ‘Supervised’ mode, the solution provides even more interesting functions:

  • IT can verify iOS updates prior to release
  • With the additional ‘Supervised’ mode, devices can be provided with further functions of interest to businesses, such as e.g. arranging apps, setting a wallpaper, and much more.
  • Apple DEP immensely simplifies the preparation of devices and saves valuable time
  • Improved IT security and safeguarding of device management


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