Secure file access and Office processing

Use cases

Companies are making increased use of smartphones and tablets for e-mail and PIM synchronisation. A key aspect for the efficient use of these mobile all-rounders, though, is to ensure secure access to and storage of PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other media such as photos, videos or voice files.

Achieving this requires offline and online content, and automated synchronisation in complex, multi-user systems is essential.

Users need the capability of annotating and editing PDF and Office files the way they are used to doing on a PC.

Nomasis solution

  • Secure access to file servers
  • Secure access to Sharepoint file storage
  • Secure container on the mobile device
  • Single sign-on via Kerberos
  • AD- (ADFS-) based authorisation
  • Scalable solutions, for 10 to several thousand devices
  • Distribution and control of the app for Windows, Android and Apple iOS


  • Mobile access to internal documents is available at all times
  • Mobilisation and simplification of existing processes
  • No recurrent password prompts or incorrect password input, thanks to KCD
  • Personalized file access
  • Convenient distribution of service
  • No additional VPN solution needed

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