Get to SASE in seconds with NetMotion and Microsoft partnership

New integration makes deploying NetMotion’s ZTNA, VPN and DEM solutions even easier for organizations leveraging Microsoft365

The line between enterprise mobility and traditional IT has become increasingly blurred over the past 12 months. The enterprise mobility management (EMM) market has evolved into unified endpoint management (UEM), reflecting an industry-wide sentiment that device convergence is here to stay. This has meant that organizations are looking to manage more devices than ever before – from Android to Windows – and are having to secure an even wider breadth of resources, too, across on-premise, IaaS and SaaS.

The cloud has transformed working practices, with the overwhelming majority of businesses looking to Office365 and other productivity tools to work seamlessly from anywhere. These trends are combining to create some extremely powerful forces for IT and security leaders.

Organizations have looked to cloud-first secure access solutions like NetMotion (which is engineered for Microsoft Azure) to help them keep distributed workers protected while accessing a diverse blend of resources, using a variety of devices and while connected to a multitude of networks.

With an unprecedented number of remote employees – all shifting further toward SaaS and cloud applications – it follows that I&O leaders are facing mounting pressure to improve security and user experience while reducing IT complexity.

Christopher Kenessey, CEO and President, NetMotion

Teams have turned to Microsoft365, not only to embrace popular cloud applications like OneDrive, Sharepoint, Outlook, Teams and PowerBI, but also in using Endpoint Manager and Intune to manage work devices. With so many organizations relying on these UEM tools to manage, secure and deploy their mobile fleet, it is important that they are also able to distribute crucial network security solutions seamlessly from the same console.


Distribute SASE with ease

NetMotion and Microsoft have announced that Endpoint Manager, part of Microsoft365, now includes NetMotion’s class-leading network security platform as a native option for any Intune-managed Android, iOS, MacOS and iPadOS device.

User experience is a central part of any solution designed for today’s mobile-first users. The addition of NetMotion into the Endpoint Manager environment makes it incredibly easy for IT administrators to deploy NetMotion invisibly, without any interaction or guess-work from end users. It’s simple, quick and completely hassle-free.

Steve Dispensa, Vice President of Product Management at Microsoft

NetMotion customers take advantage of the platform for a variety of reasons, from advanced visibility and analytics via its experience monitoring (DEM) solution to its sophisticated software-defined perimeter (SDP) or zero trust network access (ZTNA) functionality – collectively designed to help organizations on their journey to a full secure access service edge (SASE) posture. This can now happen sooner, thanks to this new partnership. Some of the key benefits of this integration include

  • Easy management of user and group access to NetMotion resources from within the Endpoint Manager console
  • Automatic NetMotion deployment and configuration on Android, iOS, MacOS and iPadOS devices, giving users a seamless experience
  • Simplified authentication for both administrators and users, providing secure, remote access to corporate resources, even on user-owned devices (BYOD)
  • The ability to leverage ‘per-app VPN’ functionality or enable ‘on-demand VPN’ for each device
  • The power to layer NetMotion’s ZTNA solution, with dynamic network access policies, with Microsoft’s Conditional Access controls for advanced network security and control

NetMotion and Microsoft: better together

NetMotion’s relationship with Microsoft has gone from strength to strength over the past year. In February 2020, Microsoft announced NetMotion’s membership into the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA). This was followed in March 2020 by a Microsoft announcement highlighting NetMotion’s role as one of its strategic partners to address advanced VPN requirements for Endpoint Manager.

These were followed in December 2020 by the announcement of NetMotion’s SASE platform, built exclusively on Microsoft Azure to take advantage of NetMotion’s zero trust network access (ZTNA), enterprise VPN and experience monitoring capabilities.

The ongoing partnership between Microsoft and NetMotion has been an incredible catalyst for innovation, giving IT teams and end users the best of both worlds. Additionally, we greatly appreciate Microsoft’s investment of development resources into natively building out the NetMotion offering within Endpoint Manager right out of the box.

Christopher Kenessey, CEO and President, NetMotion

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