Hypergate Authenticator iOS – Change Active Directory passwords directly on the smartphone

We all know this situation: you are on a business trip and your password expires. Until now, your only option was to contact your internal support who had to reset your password manually. With Hypergate you can reset your Active Directory password directly from your iPhone. The big advantage of this is that it can greatly reduce the cost of the reset!

According to Gartner, on average every employee contacts a helpdesk at least once a year to reset their password. This causes unnecessary costs.

Here is an example for 1,000 users: 1,000 password resets per year x 30 CHF flat-rate costs for a reset = 30,000 CHF per year.

Hypergate turns your mobile device into a fully-fledged Active Directory client

Today’s employees expect flexibility. The mobile phone brings the technology that allows employees to work wherever they want. Providing secure access to business-critical resources, resetting an Active Directory password or simply complying with workflow policies used to rely on employees using a computer. Companies were forced to come up with unconventional solutions to meet these standard requirements. Hypergate turns your mobile device into a fully-fledged Active Directory client that uses the same infrastructure as a computer. This gives your company more flexibility in designing modern workplaces without having to change the existing backends and infrastructure elements. With Hypergate you can work without the dependency of a computer and thus arrive in the modern age.

Advantages of Hypergate Authenticator iOS

Improved user experience: Users can use certificate-based authentication to seamlessly and securely access sensitive corporate data. Since widely used standards were used in the development of the Hypergate Authenticator, it is compatible with native applications such as Safari without further adjustments.

Increase security: The stable Kerberos protocol forms the basis of the Hypergate Authenticator. This represents the industry-wide standard in terms of secure authentication. Single-use tokens enable the use of SPNEGO/kerberised web services, eliminating the risk of replay attacks.

Increase efficiency: You no longer need to use a computer to change a password or reset an expired password. Your employees can now perform such tasks themselves on their mobile devices, no matter where they are.

Business flexibility: Hypergate is compatible with any EMM solution. This means maximum flexibility and future-proofing without having to commit to a specific solution.

Reduce costs: The solution offers you the opportunity to reduce your costs in three ways:

  1. Through the single sign-on procedure, the user does not waste time entering login data multiple times.
  2. By allowing users to reset expired passwords themselves, you save on IT support costs.
  3. By continuing to use the existing single sign-on infrastructure, operating and support costs can be reduced.

Free consultation and trial

Take advantage of the possibilities for your company and make an appointment for a free consultation and a trial!

Hypergate Authenticator iOS features

  • Fully manageable with any EMM through Managed Configurations
  • Kerberos authentication: username and password as well as certificate-based authentication
  • Password reset functionality
  • Password expiration functionality – change the password directly on the device if it has expired
  • Follows iOS standard, SSO compatible with any app, without any modification

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