Mobile Threat Defense Service

As experts in cyber security for mobile devices, we offer mobile threat defence (MTD) and SOC services from a single source as part of our mobile threat defence management service. This means you can leave the cyber defence of your mobile devices to us and concentrate on your main tasks.

Why Nomasis MTD Management Service?


An MTD system protects smartphones from known security-relevant events and is set to a defined security level during installation. Security requirements often change over time and need to be adapted to the new circumstances of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. This requirement can be permanently adapted and improved with the service and our experience and is part of the offer.

If vulnerabilities are detected, the devices, apps or networks are blocked depending on the setup in order to prevent and avoid damage. Device users often require support to clean up the devices, and customer help desks are usually not experienced enough with these tasks or do not have sufficient capacity and knowledge.

With this service, we actively support the operation of an MTD solution and can provide our experience in dealing with smartphone issues, cyber security and mobile device management in a planned manner and according to dedicated processes and procedures, providing optimum support and relief for the customer organisation.

How does the Nomasis MTD Service work?


The individual components and interfaces are defined and documented in the initial project based on the specific customer requirements.

Our service offers the following components and interfaces:

Nomasis Mobile Threat Defense Management Service



The aim of the Nomasis MTD Management Service is to actively process events, vulnerabilities, changes and security-relevant actions and to actively maintain and improve the protection of the smartphones, apps and networks involved. The service includes the following activities related to an MTD solution:

Incident management

Active processing (automated and manual) of reported vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in the high, medium and low categories. Problem analysis and solution finding on the affected devices, apps and networks and, depending on the incident, adaptation of the MTD / MDM platform.

End user support in the event of an incident

Active support for affected end users in the event of security-relevant incidents with a high classification (Mon – Fri 08:00-18:00 D/F/E) via Tel / Teams / Email or Remote Access Tool.


Monitoring of all system events and investigation of vulnerabilities for possible threat patterns. Defence against security-critical events based on detected patterns and incidents.

System optimisation and adjustments

Regular optimisation of the MTD solution in response to new circumstances such as new threats, vulnerabilities, user-friendliness, security requirements and new business requirements.

Service meetings

Quarterly service meetings with the customer’s service team on topics such as reporting incidents, tickets, planning, change management, service satisfaction and suggestions for improvement.

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