Work anywhere with endpoint-to-cloud security

Why integrating endpoint security and SASE is essential

Collaboration is skyrocketing as data goes wherever it’s needed. To securely tap into this productivity and address today’s most common security challenges Gartner recommends the adoption of a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) posture to protect the data in the cloud like you have a perimeter. The problem with this approach is that it’s invasive and clashes with users’ expectation of privacy when working remotely -especially on their personal devices.

To answer this concerns, Lookout has integrated endpoint security with SASE so you can secure data while respecting user privacy.

Visibility like you still have a perimeter

It’s hard to see what you’re up against when your users are everywhere, using networks you don’t control to access your data in the cloud. Lookout eliminates the guesswork by providing visibility into what’s happening at all times – on unmanaged endpoints, in the cloud and everywhere in between.

Unified insights to make sense of everything

Standalone tools make cybersecurity unnecessarily complex, unintentionally creating security gaps and human error. Lookout gives you actionable insights within a single platform so you can implement precise policies, hunt for threats and conduct forensic investigations.

Seamless access with precise controls

Cloud access doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Security shouldn’t interrupt productivity or impair the user’s experience. With visibility and insights into everything, we enable you to secure your data by dialing in precise access and providing a seamless and efficient experience.

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