4-Step-Approach for Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S) with Intune

1. Managed Services – 2. Implementation Services – 3. Preparation Services – 4. Consulting Services

1. Managed Services: Microsoft EM+S / Intune

As a provider of managed services for mobility and security, we take care of the daily monitoring, maintenance, administration and support of your Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite (EM+S) with Intune, including Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile Endpoint Security (MES).

Source: Nomasis AG

Our support in support, our extensive technical capabilities and our many years of experience with mobile IT and mobile security help you to optimize the service management of your platform by means of automation and out-tasking, among other things. They not only help you reduce operating costs and risks, but also relieve your teams so they can continue to focus on innovation, your core business and your business transformation.

As Single-Point-of-Contact (SPOC) for all mobility issues, the following Managed Services are available for the EM+S Suite with Intune:

User Management, Compliance-Management, -Reporting und -Monitoring, Application Management, Service Administration, Application Protection, Device und Profile Management, Conditional Access, Azure Information Protection, Company Resource Access, Device Support, Software Update Management, Reporting, Training, etc.

2. Implementation Services: Microsoft EM+S / Intune

When switching from domain management to modern mobile device and application management, the complexity of a modern cloud infrastructure becomes apparent. The market is segmented and confusing. To structure this, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security with Intune can be used, for example.

Source: Microsoft

A complete solution requires Azure Active Directory for identity and access management, Intune for device and application management, and Azure Information Protection to secure data inside and outside the enterprise.

We can support you in an appropriate Proof of Concept (POC) and offer the possibility to use it productively after acceptance.

For a POC for EM+S with Intune we have 3 standardized packages. The Basic package includes 5 days, the Advanced package 8 days and the Expert package 15 days. If the packages we have predefined are not sufficient for you, we offer you the opportunity to support you with a POC tailored to your needs.

Depending on the standardized package, the following points are implemented in part or in their entirety:

Preparation, Azure Active Directory (AD), Device Enrolment, Device Compliance, Device Configuration, Mobile Applications, Conditional Access, Azure Information Protection (AIP), Integration, Testing, Training

Migrations Services: From any UEM/EMM/MDM to Microsoft EM+S with Intune

Our experience shows that especially in the mobile sector the requirements for usability, availability and security are very high. In addition, Mobile is linked to all topics in the Microsoft stack and is often only considered at a late stage.

Planning a cloud migration is easier if the strategic view already exists and requirements for managing the device lifecycle are clearly defined. The high complexity and subsequent adjustments in the cloud strategy have an impact on the entire mobile strategy. K.O. criteria, deal breakers and restrictions in the mobile sector should therefore be identified at an early stage in order to minimise subsequent adjustments.

Influence a mobile migration:

  • Adjustments to the Cloud Strategy
  • Limitations, Restrictions, Problems and Delays in Cloud Migration
  • Changing the authentication method
  • Missing licenses (e.g. AAD Premium P1 for Conditional Access)

EM+S with Intune integrates itself into existing services and products that already exist in the company. This means that there are many overlaps with other teams, products and services within the IT landscape. Internal and external teams need to be much more coordinated as they all work together in the same system and changes in the Microsoft stack can impact all cloud services. This can complicate implementation, migration and smooth productive operation.

Platform Migration

We can migrate from any Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and/or Mobile Device Management (MDM) to Microsoft EM+S. We offer support for the following topics: Devices, Management Modes such as Mobile Applications Management (MAM), Android for Enterprise (AE), Line-of-Business Apps (LOB) and Services, Network Topics, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Security Settings, Authentication by Multifactor Authentication (MFA), Single-Sign-On, Support, Maintenance, Engineering, Service Management, Reporting and Monitoring etc. through to Business Requirements and Service Development.

Migration options

Source: Nomasis AG

User-controlled migration from any UEM/EMM/MDM to Microsoft EM+S with Intune

With our user-controlled migration, the transfer to EM+S is automated and standardized with Intune. User profiles of the source system are read, analyzed, and transferred to equivalent or comparable profiles of the target system automatically.

Source: EBF GmbH

Automating the migration process saves time, avoids errors and requires minimal support. The advantages over manual migration are:

  • Up to 90% time savings through automated processes compared to manual migration
  • Amortization from as little as 100 Devices
  • Free choice of migration date and time for end users instead of fixed migration plans
  • Software as a Service (SaaS): No installation or backend customization required
  • Cost savings due to reduced personnel deployment and minimal downtimes
  • Automated processes relieve the IT department (e.g. helpdesk and IT staff), tie up fewer resources and reduce the need for support
  • Minimized downtime, as the migration process only takes a few minutes
  • Your users are productive again faster

3. Preparation Services: Microsoft EM+S with Intune

Why should companies consider Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S) with Intune?

Almost every business uses Microsoft products and services somewhere within the IT stack. It is therefore not surprising that more and more companies are considering the EM+S Suite with Intune from Microsoft as a tool for managing both mobile and conventional end devices. There are many reasons why you should take a closer look at EM+S with Intune:

Financially. You may already have access to some or all of the required licensing through an existing Enterprise License Agreement. The solution Microsoft EM+S with Intune can mean less financial expenditure for you, than the combination of single products of other suppliers.

Simplified configuration. To make the implementation of EM+S with Intune as easy as possible, we offer services that combine best practices, tools, resources and experts.

All devices on a single platform. If you use Windows 10, EM+S offers Intune, a modern alternative to the traditional endpoint management approach for iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows 10 devices over a single platform.

Technical features. Certain features such as Azure Information Protection and Microsoft Intune Application Management are unique to EM+S with Intune. Through integration with Azure AD Premium, additional security options such as conditional access can be enabled.

Challenges with the introduction of Microsoft EM+S / Intune

In contrast to conventional unified endpoint management platforms (UEM, EMM, MDM), EM+S with Intune relies heavily on integration with existing Microsoft cloud and on-premise components of your company. This can lead to questions within your organization, such as

  • Can EM+S do with Intune what the current EMM platform does?
  • How will EM+S integrate with Intune into existing Microsoft On-Premise services?
  • How will EM+S integrate with Intune into existing Microsoft Cloud Services?
  • Are there major risks that should be considered?

For these and other questions, we have developed two assessments that provide you with answers.

Assessments: Microsoft EM+S / Intune

The two assessments were developed by us in order to reduce complexities and uncertainties on the one hand and to save time and money in a planned EM+S deployment with Intune.

Which assessment is the right one depends on your current acceptance and integration of the Microsoft Cloud.

Source: Nomasis AG

Review: Microsoft EM+S / Intune

Are you already using EM+S / Intune? If you attach importance to a second opinion, we offer you an additional review with which the setup is controlled/optimized and we make recommendations.

Source: Nomasis AG

4. Consulting Services: For Microsoft EM+S / Intune and other Unified Endpoint Management (UEM/EMM/MDM) platforms

We are manufacturer-independent and offer a comprehensive top-down approach for the implementation of your Mobile First strategy. Enterprise mobility doesn’t just mean receiving emails or reviewing meeting minutes on the road – it’s a way to strategically, tactically and transformatively deliver mobile products and services to your users in the future. Starting with a clear strategy through to implementation and tailored managed services.

Your customers and employees expect easy and fast access to the applications and content they need to be productive. In addition, security and privacy are not negotiable. Bring-Your-Own-Device-Strategies (BYOD) and the increasing use of different networks (company network, public, Wi-Fi, 4G/5G, home office) present companies and their security officers with new challenges.

Our experts use their sound knowledge and their full concentration on the topic of mobile to help you identify organizational drivers, opportunities and risks. We understand the technical and commercial challenges involved in implementing your digital transformation strategy and provide tailor-made recommendations and solutions to support you on your way to a Mobile First organisation.


Source: Nomasis AG

As a certified Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S) partner and manufacturer-independent managed service provider, Nomasis offers comprehensive consulting and integration services as well as managed services for mobile IT and mobile security.

to learn more about Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S).

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