Mobile Risk Services

We help you analyse your mobile security strategy.


  • Mobile security is becoming increasingly important as smartphones and tablets store and transmit essential data
  • The deployment of a Mobile Threat Defense solution is in the planning stage or in operation
  • Dealing with vulnerabilities and exploits is unclear

Potential for optimisation 

  • Clear definitions of what to do when detecting exploits
  • Define role description and weighting of events
  • Defining clear roles and responsibility for events

Our Offer

  • From the concept to the operation of Mobile Risk Services as an external service
  • Clear processes and responsibilities at events
  • Awareness programs for employees and responsible persons


  • Clear processes and responsibilities given at events
  • Thanks to Nomasis know-how on the pulse of time and technology
  • Focus on core competencies and users benefit from experts

um mehr über unsere Mobile Risk Service-Dienstleistungen zu erfahren.

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