IronKey, the most secure USB flash drive

With the high-end security USB sticks IronKey S1000 and the IronKey D300 Managed Nomasis offers high-quality hardware encrypted USB sticks with optional management via the Enterprise Management Server or Enterprise Management Service. It is the most secure USB flash drive in the world, its waterproof and shock-proof metal housing make it very robust.

The ultimate secure IronKey USB sticks powered by Kingston have integrated only the finest NAND flash and controller technology. The robust metal housing and sealing of the internal components protects against physical tampering. USB 3.0 performance, 256-bit AES hardware encryption with XTS block encryption, digitally signed firmware, Brut-Force password protection and FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification of the crypto chip are a matter of course.

IronKey Standard

For businesses, administrative agencies, associations, military and other organisations that want to store their data securely.

IronKey Managed

For organisations that also want to apply centralized management and policies.

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