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MobileIron’s strategy for the future

You couldn’t put MobileIron’s new strategy better in a 5-minute video than Steve Connell presents in the spoken word Cinema™ clip from MobileIron Live 2019 in Berlin:

Unified endpoint security platform: Secure and manage your endpoints and cloud services from a single console with the MobileIron unified endpoint security platform. MobileIron is a modern cloud and endpoint security platform providing unified endpoint management (UEM), cloud security, and mobile threat defense.

MobileIron is the security backbone for the digital enterprise, protecting corporate data across apps, networks, and clouds. Traditional PCs and Windows-based tools are disappearing and employees are working on devices running modern operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows 10. Enterprise data now lives in both corporate and consumer apps and cloud storage repositories. Only enterprise mobility management (EMM) provides application and data security for these modern operating systems and, with MobileIron, enterprises have a powerful set of capabilities that improve data security.

The MobileIron platform was built to secure and manage corporate data in a world where people access cloud data using mobile devices and modern endpoints.

With MobileIron solutions, you can:

  • Provision a secure workspace with the apps and services people need to be productive while separating business from personal data to protect privacy with MobileIron Unified Endpoint Management (UEM);
  • Block untrusted apps and endpoints from accessing cloud services with MobileIron Access;
  • Detect and remediate threats with MobileIron Threat Defense;
  • And do it all with a great employee experience.

Secure workspace

Client-side products installed on mobile devices make end users more productive by allowing access to approved corporate resources, such as mobile applications and enterprise content.


MobileIron’s enterprise app storefront lets the user download both in-house and third-party business apps that have been approved by IT. The app storefront experience can also be customized by IT administrators to define which applications are assigned to a given user. This is a key component to deliver mobile application management capabilities.


MobileIron Docs@Work provides an intuitive way to access, annotate, share, and view documents across a variety of email, on-premises, and cloud content management systems, such as SharePoint, Dropbox, OneDrive Pro, Office 365, and Box. This enables the MobileIron EMM platform to deliver mobile content management (MCM) capabilities. It also provides DLP for email attachments by decrypting documents delivered through Sentry.

Email +

As users look to enhance their productivity and need to access sensitive corporate resources using smartphones and tablets, securing personal email, contacts, and calendar, also referred to as personal information management (PIM), is a key aspect of enterprise mobility management.


Allows mobile end users to request IT help directly from their iOS or Android devices. After the user grants IT access to their mobile device, Help@Work mirrors the user’s screen onto the IT management console so that IT support personnel can more quickly help the user resolve the issue. This is a critical EMM tool that enables IT to support mobile devices easily and cost effectively.


Secure browser that lets users access web content within the corporate intranet without requiring the user to go through complex procedures such as starting a device-wide VPN session. Web@Work also has data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities. Web@Work is a critical component of the MobileIron EMM platform.

MobileIron AppConnect

MobileIron AppConnect is a critical component of the mobile content management (MCM) solution that containerizes apps to protect data-at-rest without touching personal data. Once integrated, these applications become part of the secure container on the device managed by the MobileIron client.


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