Secure “WhatsApp” for Enterprise

Teamwire is a fast, intuitive and secure enterprise messaging app. Teamwire solves the WhatsApp problem of businesses, increases productivity and improves team communication in the messaging era. Users can send 1:1 and group messages, and exchange photos, videos, voice messages, locations, calendar dates, files and much more. Teamwire fully complies with strong European data protection and the GDPR, and is a completely encrypted solution. The service can be easily managed for the whole enterprise and ensures company-wide compliance.

Key Benefits
1. Improved team communication.
2. Faster and easier information exchange.
3. Strong data protection and security.
4. Professional administration and compliance.
5. Comprehensive integration in IT ecosystem.

Primary Use Cases
• Real-time messaging to quickly coordinate and make decisions.
• Topic-specific group chats and permanent team channels.
• Quick information exchange of news, knowledge and ideas.
• Sharing of digital content (e.g. photos and videos) improves the communication.
• Easy information exchange between mobile and desktop workers.
• Alerting of employees and crisis communication.
• Quick regional and company-wide information delivery.

Typical Customer Needs
• Seeking a “WhatsApp for enterprise”.
• Improving the collaboration and communication of teams.
• Empowering an increasingly “mobile” workforce.
• Protecting enterprise data and communication.

Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Linux and Mac, and deployment as private cloud or on-premise solution.

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