Mobile Operations Center

Handing over responsibility but keeping control.

Is your mobile lifecycle optimised to its full potential?

Businesses have officially gone mobile. With all the new devices and applications being used, the need for mobile support is growing. Can mobile IT and mobile security, as well as lifecycle management for device fleets running iOS, Android, macOS and Windows 10/11, be optimised to adapt to the needs of the business and the mobile workforce?

Organisations today spend an average of 4 to 5 hours or more per device per year for employees to procure, manage, integrate, operate, support, maintain and retire. This is despite the fact that the lifecycle for mobile device fleets is 90% identical across industries and companies. It also shows that far too many departments and people days in companies are involved in the management of mobile device fleets. Is in-house mobile lifecycle management therefore still in line with the latest trends?

This is exactly why a Mobile Operations Center (MOC) is needed, which complements the already established Network Operations Centers (NOC) and Security Operations Centers (SOC).

MOC-OverviewSource: Nomasis AG


Benefit from our procurement service for the procurement of your equipment and software.


Use your internal resources more efficiently and outsource the support, maintenance and operation of your UEM/MDM infrastructure to us.


With the support of our professional support team, you can ensure that your end users can operate their mobile devices smoothly at all times.


In addition to your UEM/MDM, we also offer proactive and professional support and operation for your apps and software.

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