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Handing over responsibility but keeping control.

Is your mobile lifecycle optimised to its full potential?

Businesses have officially gone mobile. With all the new devices and applications being used, the need for mobile support is growing. Can mobile IT and mobile security, as well as lifecycle management for device fleets running iOS, Android, macOS and Windows 10/11, be optimised to adapt to the needs of the business and the mobile workforce?

Organisations today spend an average of 4 to 5 hours or more per device per year for employees to procure, manage, integrate, operate, support, maintain and retire. This is despite the fact that the lifecycle for mobile device fleets is 90% identical across industries and companies. It also shows that far too many departments and people days in companies are involved in the management of mobile device fleets. Is in-house mobile lifecycle management therefore still in line with the latest trends?

This is exactly why a Mobile Operations Center (MOC) is needed, which complements the already established Network Operations Centers (NOC) and Security Operations Centers (SOC).

Source: Nomasis AG


The entire lifecycle from acquisition to retirement can be handled, including device provisioning, deployment, repair, spare parts pool management and logistics. This provides real-time visibility across the entire mobile fleet.


Critical questions are asked before anything arrives on the devices. Years of experience in mobile IT and mobile security provide a perfect end-to-end programme for employees. Security and data protection are non-negotiable for companies.


Internal IT resources are costly and difficult to scale, and your expertise is best suited to revenue-generating, strategic programs. To manage your mobile fleet, you can complement your current IT infrastructure with experts in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM).


The goal is to find connections between people, processes, technology and support to build a bridge to employees. It’s about empowering employees and not overwhelming them with technology.



Threat Detection & Response

In the mobile environment, it also requires specific processes, tools, many years of experience as well as specialized employees in dealing with Threat Detection & Response. Due to constantly changing cyber security attacks, it is hardly possible to react more than individual companies. With our know-how and the solutions of our partners we support you completely.

App Analysis

Mobile apps have become indispensable in today’s business world. We have the necessary tools to scan your in-house apps and store apps and identify possible weaknesses.


Protects your business and private data on your COPE (Corporate owned, personally enabled) and/or BYOD (Bring your own device)


Ensures that attacks such as fraudulent calls, infected websites or malicious links are stopped. It does not matter whether it is Windows10, MacOS, iOS or Android.

Zero Trust Security

Zero Trust as a new security concept. Before each access, a user context is established, the device is validated, the app authorization is checked, the network is verified and threats are eliminated.

Conditional Access

Conditional access is used to create guidelines for access. These increase the security of your organization and do not hinder users unnecessarily.


Single sign-on (SSO) enables access to services, applications or resources, for example for iOS and Android devices, via a single authentication process.


In a mobile environment it is important that the VPN can adapt to changing network conditions (company network, public WiFi, 4G, 5G and home office) and thus ensure a constant connection.


1st - 3rd Level Support

Our support is available to you and your employees for 1st – 3rd level support tasks.


Our services include certification, individual training, migration and rollout support, and technical training. We can also train your employees in dealing with current threats and conduct regular phishing tests.


We undertake the integration of in-house apps or applications from the Google Playstore or Apple App Store for Windows10, MacOS, iOS or Android.


Our Service Level Agreements (SLA) cover up to 24/7/365.

Service Marketing

IT projects always require internal communication. We are happy to support or take over the announcement of the project with the relevant information at the right places.


Certain issues require on-site support. We would be happy to come to you for support.


Performance Management

We review, advise, design and implement solutions and processes to ensure the optimal performance of your infrastructure.

Platform Management

Today’s IT and UEM platforms are constantly changing. Therefore, proper configuration and regular maintenance is essential. Our Engineering & Support team is continuously educating itself and can provide you with the most up-to-date knowledge.

App Management

We are happy to take over the identification of the right apps for you, from signing and wrapping to rolling out the app. If desired, we can also contact the developer directly to discuss and implement possible changes directly.

Incident Management

Incident Management resolves all incidents as quickly as possible, at least within the agreed service levels, and monitors the effectiveness of the implemented solution.


We monitor the status of the applications to identify potential problems and enable proactive maintenance. In addition, we provide you with recommendations for action if the maximum value you have predefined is exceeded.



With Device-as-a-Service we take over the procurement, installation, administration, repair, replacement and recycling of smartphones and tablets together with our partners.

Fleet Management

Managing and configuring smartphones, tablets, SIM cards and subscriptions are simple tasks, but usually take a long time. Together with our partners, we handle these things competently, efficiently and tailored to your company.


Lease or pay off the mobile devices in installments instead of buying them to keep investments low.


As your single point of contact, we offer you the possibility to handle all your mobile device needs.


The repair of the mobile devices is provided by our partners.

Mobile Subscriptions

Mobile Subscriptions are provided with our partners.

Spare parts

Spare parts for the mobile devices are provided by our partners.

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