We support Sunrise with their EMM Cloud.

Zurich, 24 May 2018. With MobileIron and Nomasis, Sunrise has brought on board two experienced partners for EMM. As a systems integrator, Nomasis transfers business-related data securely and simply to mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. It supports Sunrise and its customers with the installation, maintenance and service of the Sunrise EMM cloud. This includes important tasks including hardware and software maintenance, infrastructure services, operational services, help desk services and training sessions. Compared to other providers, MobileIron offers a wider range of EMM features for IT organizations that need to back up mobile device applications and content. The EMM solution from MobileIron is a mobile security platform that backs up not only data from mobile devices, applications and the cloud, but also information sent between corporate networks, devices and storage repositories.

Please read the press release from Sunrise

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