In this report you will get insights about:

  • The findings of our major European study
  • The keys to a successful workplace strategy in 2021
  • Under-exploited sources of cost savings







Major Study 2021 on the Workplace of Tomorrow

How are European companies approaching the digital workplace of tomorrow? Where do they stand and what are the biggest challenges to mobility and teleworking? What are the next steps? These are some of the questions we asked in our Mobility and Telework 2021 Big Survey. This report presents the key insights from that survey.

Our engineers at the Enterprise Mobility Expert Alliance (EMEA), Europe’s largest gathering of mobility experts, of which Nomasis is a member, help companies design the best possible workplace: an exceptional user experience while ensuring mobility, security, productivity and manageability.

The aim of this report is to help all organisations, across all industries, move towards a more mobile, flexible and secure workplace in 2021. Whether you want to redefine your ‘workplace of the future’ strategy or simply refine its deployment, this report is for you.

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