Mobile IT and Mobile Security Trainings

Nomasis Trainings

The Nomasis trainings offer you tailor-made on-location training at your business on topics around mobile IT, for example Ivanti and Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

These training courses are professionally prepared to meet your requirements and provided in your familiar surroundings without encroaching upon your production infrastructure.

Nomasis AG offers courses for Ivanti and Microsoft Endpoint Manager administrators on a regular basis.

Nomasis Business Excellence

Customized workshops

The Nomasis Academy understands the term ‘workshop’ to refer essentially to short courses on specific or broader topics. Perhaps you are planning a larger rollout and would like to provide your users with appropriate training in dealing with their mobile devices.

Or perhaps you wish to get your helpdesk organisation on board by organizing a workshop referencing the main helpdesk functions. Or you may wish to offer IT staff who already have some training an opportunity to gain a firm grasp of the latest features.


Comprehensive training around a product may not always be the right thing, particularly for companies with different departments and functions. But even users who would like to learn how to use mobile devices or operate a particular app need appropriate support.

Nomasis therefore also offers coaching on specific topics. This coaching is also tailored to your needs and trains your employees based on their function.

Documentation services

Documentation forms the foundation for describing your existing IT infrastructure in a way that, e.g. new employees can quickly and efficiently find their way around your environment. But good user documentation also prevents unnecessary calls to the helpdesk or support and increases efficiency.

Nomasis offers documentation services tailored to your mobile IT infrastructure. These services range from simple user documentation to technical documents such as operating manuals, helpdesk and/or administrator instructions as well as infrastructure documentation.

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