MobileIron reported today an issue that will render in-house secure apps (at least apps wrapped with AppConnect wrapper version and potentially apps using the AppConnect SDK) to not function anymore if the Mobile@Work client is updated to version 12.2.

What action should you take?

We recommend deactivating automatic app updates for the MobileIron client both in the app settings on MobileIron Core, but also communicating to your users that they can temporarily deactivate automatic app updates in the device settings.

MobileIron is currently working on a resolution to this problem and we will notify you once the issue has been resolved so you can revert the auto-update settings back to normal.

Please note that this issue is related to iOS in-house apps (wrapped or SDK) only. Public AppConnect apps like Docs@Work, Web@Work or Email+ are not affected.

For any additional information or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or by email at

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