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Discover the Nomasis Android Web App Version 2 – now even better

You can place HTML-shortcuts as icons on the Android homescreen of smartphones and tablets: As with the well-known iOS Web Clips, you can personalize your homescreen easily and efficiently with your own icon links for websites. Customize the icon for your website or intranet page with your own text and image. We already introduced our version V1 for Android (OS before Android 8.0), and now we have revised the Nomasis Android Web App with version V2 and improved it for Android Enterprise.

Introducing the Nomasis Android Web App V2

Just like a native app, open the Android Web App with one tap and the desired web page will open in your browser.

Application examples:

  • Company website
  • Phonebook/Person search
  • Booking of meeting rooms
  • Canteen/cafeteria menus
  • Shuttle Bus Timetable
  • Events calendar
  • And many more …

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Nomasis Android Web App advantages:

  • Userfriendly access to popular and strategic webpages
  • Use an existing internet or intranet page 
  • No need to worry about app development
  • Faster update delivery
  • App distribution via Google Play for Work
  • Supports AppConfig

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