Mobile Device Management (MDM)

An MDM forms the basis for a secure and stable smartphone and tablet environment in the enterprise setting. There are lots of benefits to a well-chosen approach to Mobile Device Management.

Offer mobile access control and secure networking

  • Make comprehensive use of existing stored identities, such as from Active Directory.
  • Use certificate authentication to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Simplify secure access to enterprise data through one VPN connection per app.
  • Block access to enterprise resources by incompatible devices and devices with jailbreak.

Use automatic device set-up to reduce the number of helpdesk calls

  • Help users immediately establish a connection via corporate WLAN and VPN profiles.
  • Offer secure access to company e-mail with support for Exchange, POP and IMAP e-mail accounts.
  • Make the required enterprise apps and the recommended apps available in the enterprise app store.

Simplify MDM device registration for users

  • Let employees use a simple set-up process to register their devices themselves in MDM as soon as they turn their device on.
  • Let users manage frequent tasks themselves, such as adding or switching devices off, without intervention by IT.

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