Mobile Security Management

With a solution to detect and combat threats to mobile devices, you can effectively protect your enterprise from the next generation of malware, network-based threats and targeted attacks.

Mobile Endpoint Security

  • Mobile endpoint security is comprehensive risk management on a variety of mobile devices. To shield your enterprise from threats, mobile endpoint security comprises an app-risk tool and mobile threat protection.

Mobile Threat Protection (MTP)

  • Mobile threat protection places enterprises in a position to identify and combat mobile threats to employee devices.
  • Protection against malware, rootkits, adware and apps sideloaded to a device.
  • Integration with all leading MDM solutions.
  • A lean iOS and Android app that protects the user’s privacy.

Security for the mobile-first era

  • Sources of threat: Threats to mobile devices are different from the threats that target a PC. Sandboxes on mobile devices protect against data loss, but always-on connectivity, the manipulation of devices and malware pose a new kind of threat.
  • Data security: Mobile security entails security for mobile devices, apps, content and networks. The key to reducing threats is to control data loss through proactive, reactive and ongoing automatic monitoring.
  • Compliance: Compliance is the main motivation of many security installations for mobile devices.

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