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Nomasis Virtual Breakfast Romandie 2022

5 April 2022 @ 8 h 30 min - 11 h 30 min

Nomasis Virtual Breakfast Romandie 2022

The time has come again and the Nomasis Virtual Breakfast 2022 is just around the corner!

We start with a topic that is still very present: Home office – Imagine being able to provide your employees with a secure business WLAN infrastructure without compromising their privacy. This can be configured and managed easily and without IT knowledge using a smartphone. Too good to be true? With our managed home office WiFi service, it becomes a reality.

Mobile devices have also become indispensable in future- and success-oriented companies. In the meantime, smartphones, tablets, notebooks, with their operating systems Android, iOS, macOS or Windows, are increasingly merging in terms of functionality and management. The era of ‚Modern Workplace Management‚ has arrived with which you can achieve completely new strategies and use cases in terms of user-friendliness, security and cost efficiency. In this presentation, we will introduce you to some of these use cases from our portfolio.

These mobile devices have to be administered and that usually means a lot of effort and many involved parties. That is why we would like to introduce you to the WSSP Workplace Self Service Portal. In a clear dashboard, you can see everything at a glance; the WSSP is the central platform for employee inventory and offers a simplification of the administrative effort thanks to automation, employee interaction and interfaces. It provides an overview of the possibilities and concepts of a self-service portal and a transparent real time insight into assets – as well as possibilities for employees to manage and adjust their devices, subscriptions and accessories themselves.

Another exciting topic is iOS devices that are used by several people. What are such iOS devices suitable for and which use cases make the most sense? Which scenarios are troublesome or work rather poorly? What do you have to watch out for? How does the whole thing relate to managed Apple IDs and the Apple Business Manager? An organisational and technical overview on the topic of shared iOS devices.

Finally, we look at the topic of insider threats and how they can be prevented. Because unsecured cloud activities expose your data to new risks. Collaboration in the cloud means that your data goes where it is needed. However, you no longer have the visibility and control you had within your network. But how do you adequately protect yourself? The answer is with CASB, because CAS secures your applications and data from the endpoint to the cloud. Lookout will show you what this looks like.

Agenda at a glance

  • Welcome and Introduction
    Managed Homeoffice WiFi Service
  • Mobility Use Cases in the „Modern Workplace Management“ Era
  • WSSP – Workplace Self Service Portal
  • Sharing is caring? How can iOS devices that can be used by several people be put to good use?

We are once again making our Virtual Breakfast on 05 April 2022 an on-site experience. Delivery will of course be made directly to your home or office again.
The presentations will be in French and English

Note: This event is not open to students, independent IT consultants or competitors. Nomasis reserves the right to cancel any registration up to one week before the event.


5 April 2022
8 h 30 min - 11 h 30 min

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