Security Assessments

In an increasingly networked and digitalised world, the security of companies, organisations and personal data is of the utmost importance. Hacker attacks, data leaks and cybercrime are serious threats that can cause both financial and reputational damage. A regular security assessment is essential to effectively counter this danger.

We offer you various assessments to increase your security, but also to reduce costs. Find out more about our services below:

Compliance & Security Assessment

The Security & Compliance Assessment serves to identify external and internal requirements and to evaluate existing performance features.

Because only if we know and understand these factors can we successfully implement the project together. We will conduct workshops with the various interest groups to cover all needs and obtain a holistic picture. Finally, we assess the general situation and make initial proposals for solutions.


Check-In Assessment


This assessment is designed to identify and resolve potential issues that could have a negative impact on the MDM deployment project. We check the dependencies of infrastructure and configurations.

Overview of the various points within the check-in assessment:

  • Verification of infrastructure and dependencies
  • Checking the current configuration
  • Identification of potential problems with the integration of EM+S / Intune
  • Avoid critical blockers
  • Risks during PoC
  • Efficient implementation of PoC

Lifecycle Cost Assessment

Do you know all the components of your operating costs (TCO – Total Cost of Ownership) in detail? This includes procurement, maintenance and operation, infrastructure and ongoing processes. Are you interested in identifying your personal main cost types in terms of quantity-based, personnel-based and time-based costs? Are you also curious to work with us to identify your potential cost savings?

Thanks to a detailed TCO analysis, which we will work out step by step with you in our workshop, you will gain well-founded insights into the TCO of your mobility environment. This will help you to consolidate your personal cost awareness. Following the workshop, we consolidate data and facts for you so that your assumptions and estimates can be shown transparently in the analysis.

IT Engineering

Your security assessment from Nomasis

Performance and quality are our top priorities. That is why we keep our expertise up to date in all areas and endeavour to continuously improve our skills. This enables us to offer you the best possible service. Because when it comes to the security of your IT processes and data, only the best service is good enough. If you would like to find out more about security processes, please contact us without obligation. We are there for you online, by phone and at our offices in Zurich and Fribourg.