A piece of prehistory

Nomasis AG was founded in 2004 by Philipp Klomp. The focus was on establishing mobile security on laptops and PDAs, which were common at the time. The company was already able to implement pioneering solutions for enterprise customers in the first few years. As a result, the company has steadily developed into a mobile security expert. With the market entry of the iPhone, the company has optimally met the high demand for secure solutions for “the iPhone in the company”.

We have continuously adapted and broadened our business model in response to further customer requirements. This enables us to ensure that we always fulfil or exceed our customers’ security and service requirements. Over time, we have forged important partnerships, expanded our services and developed high-quality managed services for companies. Since 2011, we have been offering all our services around the clock in three different languages throughout Switzerland.


The Nomasis Story

Nomasis has set itself the goal of guaranteeing non-stop mobility and cyber security. In the age of “work from everywhere”, we want to offer corporate mobility for a wide variety of platforms. We have already been able to inspire and develop several national and international companies and organisations and establish a long-term business relationship and partnership. We always cater to the individual requirements and circumstances of each company. Because for us, customised solutions are part of good service.

Who we are today

Today, we have been an experienced, trustworthy, specialised and long-term partner for around 20 years.We offer consistency and flexibility because we always adapt to our customers’ technological requirements.We are always one step ahead of the market – in terms of services, solutions and security as well as state-of-the-art IT in the areas of cloud services, cyber security and digital workspace management.If you would like to find out more about our services, please contact us without obligation.We are there for you online, by phone and at our offices in Zurich and Fribourg.


Nomasis was founded on the conviction that it is not enough to fulfil expectations out of habit.Our goal is to exceed expectations, keep our finger on the pulse and be more than “just another service provider”.Our customers know that we invest in their success every day and are trusted advisors.We are always ready, always available, always innovating to deliver the best solutions, services and support.

We attach great importance to this

Outstanding User Experience

Cyber Security at its best


Operational Excellence