Cyber security and digital workplace management for end users

The world of information technology and the digital workplace can sometimes seem like a turbulent ocean in which we have to find our way around with different device platforms. Android, Apple iOS, Apple macOS and Windows are like individual ships on this digital sea. Depending on the application scenario, one or the other platform is favoured. Just as different sailing ships navigating the sea are used for different tasks and situations.

Choosing the right device platform is only the beginning of the journey when it comes to using mobile devices efficiently and safely. However, they all have one thing in common: they must fulfil the basic requirements for cybersecurity, digital workplace management and end users. We support you in this!


Cyber Security

The security of mobile devices requires a combination of technical measures and guidelines as well as sensitising users. Companies should develop a comprehensive security strategy to minimise the risks and protect confidential data.


Digital Workplace Management

Managing mobile devices in the digital workplace is an important aspect of safety, efficiency and productivity in a modern working environment. It requires a well-thought-out strategy that takes into account both the safety aspects and the productivity of employees.


End Users

End users are the most important link in the chain.Therefore, a balanced approach that takes into account both security and user-friendliness is essential for success in this area.

General topics


Device procurement

After good strategic planning, the purchase of mobile devices is certainly the first step towards an efficient and dynamic digital working environment. But how do you choose the devices that meet your needs without breaking your budget?



Secure integration (UEM / MDM)

The secure integration of mobile devices into a mobile device management (MDM) system is essential for the protection of company data and the privacy of users. It forms the basis for the successful use of mobile devices in the company.


Lifecycle & Fleet Management

The lifecycle and fleet management of mobile devices requires a comprehensive strategy and processes to effectively manage the device inventory from acquisition to disposal.


App Distribution

All access to company data takes place via applications. It is important to distribute the right applications to the right groups of end users. They also need to be pre-configured and secured. This is the final stage of app distribution and ensures a good experience for end users.


User & device support

Supporting different device platforms can be a challenging task for existing support organisations. In such cases, either IT staff must be trained or support for certain platforms must be outsourced.


Data protection & compliance

Ensuring data protection and compliance on mobile devices requires a comprehensive strategy and ongoing efforts. This is the only way to ensure that mobile devices and the data they contain remain protected and comply with legal regulations.

Specific topics for the individual device platforms