Enterprise Mobility Expert Alliance

The ever-changing development of mobile communication technology is a major challenge for any company: that’s why The EMEA was created.

Nomasis is a founding member of the Enterprise Mobility Expert Alliance (EMEA). Its aim is to be constantly up to date in order to keep pace with this rapid technological change. It brings together more than two million mobile licences and over 150 mobile IT and mobile security experts from Europe. As an alliance, the EMEA members guarantee their customers the latest information, architectures and designs with the help of top experts with years of experience in the mobile IT sector.

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EMEA founding member and IT expert

The Swiss company Nomasis is recognised as a leading provider of first-class IT services not only at a national level, but also internationally within the Enterprise Mobility Expert Alliance (EMEA). The global economy is characterised by diversity and complexity. Nomasis understands the challenges that companies face and offers a comprehensive IT solution approach. This ranges from network security to cloud computing and software development. This broad range of services covers all IT needs and therefore delivers everything from a single source. This allows customers to focus on their core competences and success, while Nomasis ensures smooth IT operations.


Nomasis – Your strong IT partner

We are in the midst of a mobile revolution that is fundamentally changing both work and business and shifting the focus of companies to mobile IT. EMEA brings together IT experts and market-leading companies. With EMEA founding member Nomasis, your organisation can overcome any IT challenge. Contact us to find out more about our services – we look forward to hearing from you!

Constant technological change and individual user needs require a specialised approach to IT services in order to meet the diverse requirements of local markets. Networking on a global level is crucial in order to create and maintain reliable, secure and efficient IT infrastructures.

However, keeping pace with the rapid development of mobile technology is a major challenge for a single company. There is often not enough time, financial and technical resources available. This is why the Enterprise Mobility Expert Alliance (EMEA) has developed – with Nomasis as one of the founding members. It is the largest group of mobility experts in Europe. The participating companies have specialists in every IT area who are constantly exchanging information, experience and new findings. This enables EMEA members to guarantee their customers the latest cross-manufacturer information, IT architectures and designs. By exchanging information about IT bugs, software or security problems, an efficient early warning network is also active that quickly finds and rectifies errors. Customers of EMEA members also benefit from 24/7 support throughout Europe.