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Imagine the following: You are standing in a busy railway station waiting for your lift to a new destination. And yet you don’t miss a single business moment. How? With your trusty iPhone in hand, you can effortlessly check your business data and keep track of everything, no matter where you are. Nomasis is your ideal partner to realise this vision. As a member of the Apple Consultants Network, we are always up to date and can implement all Apple iOS services.

Apple iOS in your company


In Switzerland, around 60% of users use smartphones with the Apple iOS operating system (as at 2022). The quality and design of the iPhone and iPad as well as the user-friendly, intuitive operation of the iOS operating system have contributed significantly to the platform’s success.

In addition, Apple has been offering options for the secure integration of iOS in companies since 2010 (iOS 4.0). Back then, Apple played a visionary pioneering role in this respect. The continuous development of its MDM interface and the functions for data protection, security and app management have made iOS the most widely used platform in Switzerland for corporate use.

With the Apple Business Manager as a complementary tool to the MDM interface, Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, MacBook), Apple IDs and apps can be easily and securely integrated into the corporate infrastructure and managed.

Nomasis supports companies in realising the full potential of this platform. We are a pioneer in providing innovative, efficient and customised solutions.

Security settings ensure the protection of sensitive company data. This allows employees to securely access company resources from different devices. This is an ideal solution for digital nomads who work flexibly and from any location. Nomasis supports the digital workplace with applications and tools that ensure mobile productivity and security. We rely on personalised consulting to take into account the specific requirements of each company.

Our expertise

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Involved right from the start

When it comes to the corporate use of Apple iOS, Nomasis has been involved in Switzerland from the very first minute. Since then, we have been actively supporting our customers in integrating and securing Apple iPhones and iPads.

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Apple Consultants Network

As a member of the Apple Consultants Network, we are in regular dialogue with Apple and constantly undergo further training. This enables us to always be at the cutting edge of technology and stay on the ball with regard to all developments. This enables us to implement Apple iOS services for our customers in line with best practice.