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Just imagine: You are in the middle of nature, surrounded by the silence of the wilderness, and your MacBook is your faithful ally. With the Apple MacBook, the great outdoors becomes your office, and your business ambitions know no bounds. Nomasis supports you in realising this vision. We implement all Apple macOS services and create customised solutions for your digital workspace.

Apple macOS in your company


Until now, the use of Apple macOS in companies has been particularly common in specific sectors such as design, marketing and education. It has also found its way into very specific areas of application such as app and software development. Users appreciate the interaction with other Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad. This is because it enables seamless collaboration between the various devices.

In addition, more and more companies are now discovering the potential of Apple macOS for corporate use. With so-called Choose-Your-Own-Device (CYOD) strategies, they are offering their employees the opportunity to choose between Windows or MacBook as their work device.

Thanks to the Apple Business Manager and the strong MDM interface, Apple macOS can be seamlessly and securely integrated into the company infrastructure in terms of functions, services and IT security. Apple impresses with a user-friendly and powerful platform. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the system, we can help you to fully utilise all the advantages of macOS. This is achieved primarily through our customised solutions for efficiency and security. By synchronising data and applications, digital nomads can work productively from anywhere.

Our expertise

Apple Badges Certified Support und IT Professional

With us since macOS Sierra in 2016

Customers count on our many years of experience and expertise in integrating the Apple macOS platform into their organisation. This enables (mobile) access to their business data to be appropriately protected and user-friendly. We follow Apple best practices and can draw on our experience from countless customer projects.

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Apple Consultants Network

As a member of the Apple Consultants Network, we are in regular dialogue with Apple and constantly undergo further training. This enables us to stay on the ball with the technology. This enables us to implement all Apple macOS services for our customers in line with best practices.

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