Microsoft Windows

Working from anywhere as a digital nomad – just like this man on the mountain? With the versatile functions of Microsoft Windows, you can turn your business dreams into reality. Nomasis – a recognised Microsoft Solutions Partner – is here to support you. Get ready for a journey where creativity and business success merge harmoniously.

Microsoft Windows in your company


Microsoft Windows certainly needs no introduction. After all, it has been the most widely used platform on desktop computers, laptops and servers in the consumer and corporate sectors worldwide for decades. Windows has a market share of around 70% in the desktop and laptop sector.

However, the way we work with Windows has changed a lot in recent years. With the transition of Microsoft services to the cloud, Microsoft is enabling its customers to live the “Work from Everywhere” approach. It also simplifies access and offers greater security and user-friendliness.

With Microsoft Intune, Microsoft provides a device management platform in the sense of a UEM system (Unified Endpoint Management). In addition to mobile devices, Windows devices can also be managed seamlessly and with one system.

On the one hand, the constantly changing functions and operating modes in the dynamic Microsoft Cloud present companies with completely new challenges. On the other hand, this opens up new possibilities and ways of working. We can advise you on all related questions.


Our expertise

On board since Microsoft Intune

Companies count on us when it comes to integrating the Windows platform in the Microsoft Intune UEM system using Windows Autopilot or realising hybrid operation with SCCM. In addition, we are constantly training ourselves to provide our customers with efficient and solution-orientated advice.


Microsoft Solution Partner

Thanks to our proven collaboration with our customers in numerous projects and migrations to the Microsoft Cloud, we have been recognised by Microsoft as a Microsoft Solutions Partner. The other exciting customer projects we are working on ensure that we are constantly expanding our partner status.

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