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Imagine the following: You’re at the airport, navigating the busy airport terminals. Using their reliable Android device, they seamlessly check your business data and make sure you stay connected. Nomasis can help you turn this vision into reality. As Google Android experts, we can integrate this platform into your business processes in a secure and user-friendly way.

Google Android in your company

In Switzerland, around 40% of users use smartphones with the Android operating system (as of 2022).

Many companies therefore enable employees to integrate their personal devices into the business environment or rely on the Android platform for specific areas of application. In the automotive industry, for example, this is the case for infotainment systems, in the healthcare sector for medical devices and in industry for robust tablets and handhelds.

However, various manufacturers such as Samsung, Google, LG, Xiaomi and many others have developed their own versions of Android. Through special customisation and individualisation, they can offer unique user experiences and features. This leads to a wealth of options and choices for companies. We can advise you on this and find the most suitable solutions for your purposes.

Google Android in the digital workspace

Nomasis offers first-class Google Android solutions for companies and digital nomads. At a time when mobility and flexibility are crucial for business success, this is particularly important. As mobile working becomes more and more the norm, new challenges and needs arise in terms of software and security. Nomasis specialises in the digital workspace and its users. We support companies in setting up an infrastructure that meets the requirements of digital nomads.

The versatility and user-friendliness of Google Android enables a seamless connection of company applications. This means that employees can access company data at any time or from any location. This increases productivity and also enables international networking. Our customised consulting services enable the optimal configuration and use of Google Android in the corporate environment. The implementation of precise security solutions also ensures reliable protection against threats and guarantees the confidentiality of sensitive data. Nomasis offers in-depth expertise and many years of experience in the provision of Google Android solutions. The focus is always on the individual requirements and goals of the customer.

Our expertise

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On board since 2013

Whether in the past with Device Admin or today with Android Enterprise – Nomasis has always had its finger on the pulse when it comes to integrating the Android platform in companies. We have successfully implemented countless customer projects to make the Android platform secure and user-friendly for business use.

Android Enterprise

As an Android Enterprise Silver Partner we are constantly training ourselves to integrate Android devices securely and efficiently into your business environment. Our team of experienced experts understands your individual requirements and helps you to integrate Android Enterprise into your business processes.

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