In the world of digital technologies and innovations, we move as quickly and decisively as an express train. Just as a train brings travellers safely and efficiently to their destination, we bring our customers to success on the digital journey. Just as an express train gets its passengers to their destination faster, our engineering services accelerate the progress of your company.

We continuously invest in research and development – so we are always up to date in the ever-changing IT world. We also work with customised concepts that meet the requirements of your company. Another strength of Nomasis lies in the wide range of IT services we offer.

Our Engineering Services


Professional Services

Our Professional Services offer you a wide range of services to improve your IT systems. We evaluate and optimise the dialogue processing of your IT systems, check and provide IT application systems and their functionality and design efficient and controllable IT systems. Our experts analyse all information-processing processes to maximise the efficiency and quality of the results. In addition, we increase the effective operational readiness of your IT systems and system software and implement security measures that are specifically tailored to your IT infrastructure.


Proof of Concept (POC)

Once a new idea has emerged, it is necessary to create a precise concept and start planning. However, the problem often arises that it is not yet clear at the beginning whether the idea can be realised at all. For this reason, it makes sense to create a proof of concept as early as possible.

This makes it possible to quickly determine whether the project in question can actually be realised. This reduces the risks for decision-makers and also validates the requirements placed on the new system. The PoC also helps to estimate the effort required to integrate the new system.



Do you also want to achieve more and simplify many things, but without spending additional resources or increasing costs? We offer you the solution: IT automation that reduces or even completely replaces human interaction with IT systems and therefore also forms the basis for IT optimisation, increased IT productivity, digital transformation and also routes into the cloud. We help you to develop customised solutions that perfectly match your company’s requirements. Benefit from the advantages of IT automation and increase the efficiency, productivity and agility of your company.



IT migration projects usually involve numerous data movements and requirements that depend heavily on the needs of an organisation. Careful planning combined with an infrastructure automation strategy can facilitate IT migrations. Depending on the project, an IT migration can involve one or more types of data movement: Device migration, data migration, application migration, operating system migration as well as cloud migration.



The rollout is the presentation of a system, its introduction to the market or its utilisation by the user. This primarily involves the rollout of new software with its special features and challenges. On the one hand, the rollout should be carried out with as little impact as possible on day-to-day business and with minimal set-up and downtime. On the other hand, it is also important to quickly enable users to utilise the new systems without any problems and with as much enthusiasm as possible.

Your competent IT partner

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. That’s why we are constantly undergoing further training so that we can always offer you the latest concepts. Our first-class team of experts knows the digital landscape inside out and creates customised solutions. If you would like to find out more about our engineering services, please contact us without obligation. We are there for you online, by phone and in our offices in Zurich and Fribourg.

IT Engineering