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IT consulting and an aeroplane have more in common than you might think at first glance. Both are complex technologies that serve to move people and companies forward more efficiently. An aeroplane needs experienced pilots and maintenance teams to operate safely and effectively. Similarly, our consulting professionals are the crew that navigate your organisation through the complex expanses of the digital landscape. We help you achieve safe flights of fancy and stay on the right course. In short, IT consulting and aircraft crews have the same philosophy: they make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently to support you on your path to success.

IT Consulting Services


Concept & Strategy

A concept? We have IT, but what is an IT concept? While an IT strategy primarily clarifies the content, i.e. the “What?” and “Which?”, the IT concept is responsible for the questions “How?” and “When?”.

Together with you, we answer what you want to achieve after implementation and record this in writing.

The IT concept describes the path to the goal, the required hardware and software resources, the calculated effort for the implementation, the agreed schedule and the cost overview. It thus forms the basis for the IT project, which is planned in our project management system and provides all project participants with transparency about the current status at all times.


TCO Reduction

TCO stands for Total Cost of Ownership or operating costs.

This includes procurement as well as maintenance and operation, infrastructure and ongoing processes. In our workshop, we work with you step by step to develop a detailed TCO analysis.

This gives you a sound insight into the TCO of your mobility environment and consolidates your personal cost awareness. Following the workshop, we consolidate data and facts for you so that your assumptions and estimates can be shown transparently in the analysis. Our TCO consulting helps you to operate more effectively.



Create Awareness

The vast majority of all cyberattacks start with a human making a mistake. Awareness training is designed to counteract this “human vulnerability”.

Awareness and IT security training is one of the few ways to get the most important piece of the IT security puzzle on board: employees. They are the target of countless attempted attacks and at the same time important sensors in our network. Awareness of such attacks can be raised through training, information and practice.



Our IT project management covers the initiation, planning, implementation and completion of IT projects:

  • Introduction of extensive software programmes
  • Migration projects in the context of software changes
  • Migration projects for major release changes
  • Projects to expand an IT infrastructure
  • Interface projects for networking various IT components
  • Projects to outsource services previously provided internally to external service providers
  • Maintenance or reorganisation projects for large software systems

Security architecture

Our conceptual security architecture gives you an overview of possible measures to minimise risk and optimise your IT infrastructure. In today’s IT world, it is essential to pay close attention to security and data protection. Nomasis has therefore specialised in security solutions and consulting.

If you do not have the knowledge and resources to implement the security measures yourself, our engineering team can take on the relevant tasks for you. One of our specialised project managers will lead the entire process.


Audits & Reviews

When was the last time you audited and evaluated your IT infrastructure? IT audits reveal problem areas and opportunities within your IT infrastructure. The management of hardware and software is crucial for the sustainable efficiency, security and uptime of your IT environment. The aim of an IT audit is to get a clear picture of the current state of your organisation’s IT services. This is important as every organisation needs to find a balance between technological requirements – speed, usability and convenience – and the need for information security and risk mitigation.



Experience shows that companies that view their employees as capital and invest specifically in further training and qualification measures gain a competitive advantage at an early stage. IT training courses and company training programmes are a tried-and-tested way of upskilling IT-savvy employees.

Employee training is essential when introducing a new IT system or switching to the cloud. Only with well-prepared and trained employees will a new IT system bring the company the desired benefits, efficiency gains and cost savings. This is a fact that, as obvious as it may be, is often underestimated in practice. We therefore offer you comprehensive IT employee training programmes.

IT Consulting from Nomasis



With our many years of experience and commitment to excellence, we pride ourselves on helping organisations in Switzerland overcome their IT challenges and achieve their digital goals. Our highly skilled IT consultants have the expertise and experience to develop customised solutions that are perfectly tailored to your company’s needs.

We understand that every organisation is unique and has specific challenges to overcome. Our clients value the customised solutions we provide to achieve their goals.