Our Partners

At Nomasis, we value the importance of strong partnerships. Our collaboration with world-class technology providers and industry leaders allows us to offer you the best solutions and services. Our partnerships are the foundation for your success as they ensure that we are always at the cutting edge of technology and can provide you with innovative solutions.


The platform that offers companies completely new possibilities. Android is an excellent choice for companies, regardless of industry. The powerful platform offers a variety of options for a wide range of users and scenarios.


In pairs. Thousands of them. Working together. Apple hardware, software and services work together perfectly, giving you and your team the performance and flexibility you need to get the job done. In small and large companies alike.


In today’s work environment, employees use multiple devices to access IT applications and data across multiple networks, no matter where or how they work. Ivanti enhances and secures working from anywhere – for people and organisations.


Rely on comprehensive cyber security with Microsoft Security. Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security offers an identity-driven security solution that provides a holistic approach to the security challenges of the mobile-first and cloud-first era.


Work from anywhere. Recovery and resilience against cyber threats. Compliant governance and minimisation of risks. Thanks to the innovative Secure Endpoint and Secure Access products, digital processes and remote employees are efficient, productive and secure.


Acronis is a global technology company with headquarters in Switzerland and Singapore. They protect data, applications, systems and the productivity of companies by protecting them from cyberattacks, hardware failures and human error.


AdminByRequest from FastTrack is an innovative solution specifically designed to provide greater security and control over administrative access to IT systems. With this software, the management of access rights for administrators can be made more efficient and secure.


AirZen manufactures state-of-the-art network technology in Europe. Secure WLAN – developed for individual requirements and high user-friendliness. Committed to its own heritage, AirZen helps its customers to keep pace with the latest data protection and security guidelines.


Users need accurate and up-to-date information about customers, suppliers, potential customers and employees. The goal of Cira Apps is to give companies access to accurate, up-to-date Office 365 contacts and calendars on smartphones.


DataLocker is a leading global provider of encryption solutions. Their technology is at the heart of almost every encrypted hardware & software solution on the market. The product line includes encrypted hardware, cloud storage, remote device management and much more.


Digital Republic is the agile and innovative provider for mobile internet in Switzerland. Communication between people, devices and industries is not only becoming faster, but also more complex. Digital Republic offers mobile internet on the best networks in Switzerland and a simple and clear dashboard.


EBF offers solutions to make your day-to-day work easier. Whether you need to switch to a different UEM with EBF Onboarder, use EBF Contacts for global address book synchronisation or secure, mobile access to company data – EBF Files makes it all easy.


Hypergate offers an excellent user experience without compromising on security.Discover the Hypergate Authenticator and Hypergate Files solutions, which have been specially developed for the mobile requirements of the company.


CAPTOR™ from Inkscreen is the answer to the challenge of ensuring the security of your corporate content in BYOD and corporate-owned mobile environments while giving employees the flexibility to use their devices productively.


Today, digital information moves without borders. As a leading provider of data-centric cloud security, Lookout is setting a new standard for protecting the sensitive data and information that businesses and individuals hold dear.


Flexibility and predictability are crucial in today’s modern workplace. With mobco workplace, we support your organisation in introducing a future-proof and flexible modern workplace. An efficient solution for managing the entire lifecycle of a workplace? Check!


Device as a Service (DaaS) significantly reduces the time and effort required for procurement, installation, management and repair. This makes processes more effective and minimises costs. Combined with subscription and SIM management, the result is an all-round carefree package.


Nowadays it can be difficult to send documents for meetings. With Board Papers and Team Papers from Pervasent, you’re always just a click away from the information. They are based on SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, the industry standards for secure collaboration.


Pointsharp is a European IT security company that enables organisations to solve user authentication, access management, email and data security in a user-friendly way. Easy-to-use security solutions form the basis for a modern digital workplace.


Recognise. Remedy. Secure. The Red Sift platform gives organisations visibility and control over both known and unknown vulnerabilities affecting their publicly accessible email, domain name and web resources.


Solutions for all companies. Sunrise supports companies in realising their plans and assists them with smart communication solutions. Whether you are a small or large company – you receive everything from a single source for secure, mobile and flexible working.


New ways for modern phishing-resistant authentication. The YubiKey is a modern form of hardware authentication. Secure the identities of employees and users, reduce support costs and enjoy a unique user experience.