Published in the Operational Excellence section of Organisator 5-6-2023

Without appropriate measures, companies have insufficient influence on safety when employees work outside the company office.
work outside the company office. New approaches to cyber security are needed.

In companies, cyber security is either the responsibility of the internal IT department or an external service provider for managing end devices such as PCs, laptops, smartphones or tablets. Many companies still have room for improvement in this area. However, if you want to do it right, not only the computers, but also smartphones or tablets must be managed by IT – with an MDM (Mobile Device Management) or UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) system. This applies to both business and private devices (Bring Your Own Device): as soon as a device is used for business purposes, it requires a certain level of basic protection. Although MDM systems do not guarantee IT security, some basic settings can already be made in this regard: For example, private and business apps and data must be separated and encrypted, and business apps must be removed immediately if the device or data connection is compromised. In addition, an MDM system is used to keep a virtual inventory of the devices, making it transparent which device is assigned to which employee and whether it fulfils the current requirements in terms of security, operating system version and other criteria. Guidelines, configurations and apps are rolled out to the devices without user intervention and without violating their privacy.

The keywords modern workplace management and smartphone as a trust anchor are important here. We take a closer look at this topic in the article (as a PDF). Because you have to assume that everything in the network is a potential threat.

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