By Patrick Trevisan – Mobile Security Consultant – Nomasis AG

For decades, companies have been protecting their PCs and laptops with antivirus programmes, firewall settings, VPN connections and other protection mechanisms. For smartphones and tablets, they continue to rely on operating system architecture and mobile device management systems, even though most attacks on corporate data, infrastructure and individuals today start with smartphones and tablets.

Mobile Threat Defence (MTD) solutions for smartphones and tablets have been on the market for around 20 years and offer protection against phishing, network attacks, app risks and other threats. But most companies only invest in such insurance when it is too late.

This technical article from Nomasis AG covers the following topics:

  • Smartphones and tablets: An open barn door for attackers
  • MDM systems manage mobile devices and only offer basic IT protection
  • The Android and iOS/iPadOS operating system is secure… or is it?
  • Mobile Threat Defence (MTD): The concrete IT protection for mobile devices

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