Android Enterprise

Android Enterprise and MobileIron: Efficiency, Scalability and Security for Android Device Management

Use cases

1. Example:

You are using the Microsoft Remote Desktop tool from an Android smartphone. Employees must run a certain application in a virtual Windows desktop environment while they are mobile.

2. Example :

Deploy multiple inhouse Android applications to 200 users for their daily work in a public transportation company. Multiple groups receive different policies, apps and services. The installation process should be transparent for the user and the administrator should be able to access the device anytime, anywhere for remote support.

Nomasis solution

1. Example :

The Microsoft Remote Desktop tool can be distributed in the Android Enterprise container together with MobileIron Tunnel. All connections to the back-end desktops are authorised with a certificate and protected via HTTPS. The Per App VPN technology of Android Enterprise and MobileIron is used.

Configuration of the Sentry proxy ensures that only authorised users can connect to the right resources.

2. Example :

  • Providing in-house applications in Google Play for Work and automating distribution with the EMM system
  • Creating and distributing Android Enterprise app restrictions, so that the applications automatically receive a dynamic configuration profile. Support for developers in integrating these restrictions.
  • Use of remote support on all Android devices with Help@Work for administrators
  • Automatic provisioning of PIM data (e-mail, calendar, tasks) in the business profile of the device
  • Improving provisioning of business-owned devices with NFC and the MobileIron Provisioner application


  • Data containering of all applications (in-house apps, public apps from the Google Play Store)
  • Downloading applications from Google Play for Work
  • Automating installation (silent install), managing automatic remote updates of applications
  • Dynamic configurations based on LDAP group membership
  • Managing work profiles (BYOD scenario) and work-managed devices
  • Remote control with ease
  • Simplified provisioning of definitions


Data sheet

Data sheet MobileIron Tunnel Android for Work

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Remote Desktop app: With the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, you can link to a remote PC and your work resources from almost anywhere.

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