Android Secure webclips have turned into reality


As of 2017, only iOS Webclip configuration profiles allow the distribution of Internet / Intranet Bookmarks on iOS devices from an EMM server.

Many people dream of a similar solution for Android management – here it is.

Nomasis solution

  • Based on an application template, the EMM administrator is able to build his own „Android webclip“ application without coding knowledge and distribute it to Android devices. The link will open an internet or intranet webpages (via the Secure Browser).
  • The link can be configured dynamically, without having to recompile and update the application
  • The application is compatible with MobileIron AppConnect and Web@Work.
  • On-demand: compatibility with Android Enterprise


  • Similar experience as on iOS
  • Create your Android webclip in less than 10 minutes or ask Nomasis to do it for you
  • Enhanced compatibility with Android versions and EMM URL schemes


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