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Use cases

Administrators must contend with repetitive tasks in the work of providing maintenance of mobile apps: App updates must be distributed several times a year, whether this is because the app has been improved or because iOS apps have to be resigned once the annual provisioning profile of developers and app managers expires.

The iOS distribution certificate that is used to sign the in-house application also generally expires after 2-3 years.

In such cases, all enterprise applications must be signed with a new distribution certificate and rolled out again to all authorised users. Even if just a few applications are affected, this process is demanding and time-consuming. Assuming 10-20 apps, the impact on human resources is considerable.

Nomasis solution

Nomasis has developed a tool that automatically signs and wraps iOS applications. The applications are then automatically uploaded to the MDM solution and distributed to users without requiring any special steps.

The tool takes advantage of the MDM APIs to read and copy application parameters from the previous version; this can prevent errors in app configuration.

The tool is used with a MacBook or OS X server.


  • Avoid human error by applying a standardised type of signing and deploying iOS applications
  • Eliminate boring, repetitive tasks
  • Ensure compatibility with iOS versions, wrapper tools, MDM APIs
  • Use batch resigning to process thousands of applications
  • Copy all application details from earlier versions: screenshots, MDM parameters, labels for provisioning, automatic increase of the version number for an update.
  • Optionally, you can process your application with your preferred MDM wrapper, e.g. AppConnect for MobileIron

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