Corporate mail, calendar, contacts, and appointments on smartphones and tablets

Use cases

Companies use smartphones and tablets for email and PIM synchronization. Access takes place via standard Apple and Android apps or as a secured company data Container (sandbox).

Offline and online content is required and automated synchronization in complex multi-user systems are essential.

Nomasis has more than 10 years of experience with the mobilization of E-Mail, contacts, appointments as well as tasks and offers customized solutions for optimal mobile access to business data.

Nomasis solutions

  • Secure access to internal or cloud mail server
  • Secure access to Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes email
  • Safe container on the mobile device
  • Single sign-on via Kerberos
  • AD (ADFS) based permission
  • Scalable solutions from 10 to several tens of thousands of devices
  • Control of access for Windows, Android and Apple iOS


  • Mobile data is available anytime
  • Mobilization and simplifying of existing processes
  • No recurring password requests or incorrect password entry due to KCD (Kerberos…)
  • Personalized and device-specific access
  • Convenient deployment of the service
  • Secure data removal after departure, loss or theft

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