Enterprise WhatsApp

Use Cases

Easy, simple and confidential chat communication between employees, between employees and partners and between employees and customers. Communication between PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, Google Glass or browsers on different platforms such as Apple iOS, Mac OS and Windows PC, Windows Tablet, Windows phone, Android PC, Android Tablet and Android smartphones. Safe, fast and reliable data exchange for texts, images, voice, video, documents or Emoji between individuals, groups, or entire organization from 1 to several 1000 employees.

Nomasis Solution

  • Straightforward and on-site proof of concept integration in your environment (cloud or Onpremise).
  • Safe and efficient integration into the existing IT architecture with access to identity systems, alerting and via the API on any chat sources such as IoT sensors, message systems, etc.
  • Integration into existing EMM platforms and app management processes
  • Support in setting up the messaging process between company, partners, project teams and customers.
  • Incident and operation support for a smooth operation of the solution.


An enterprise controlled chat solution with the features and functionality of WhatsApp but safe and under control of the company. The exchanged data will remain in the company and all communication is comprehensible and logged. More than a chat tool from a UCA supplier with focus on messaging and content sharing instead of a voice solution with chat. Chat storage is in the hand of the company as a cloud service or an on premise installation while application, PC client, browser and the whole communication and data storage are secured with the latest security methods.

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