Performance and flexibility for EMM updates: Time is money

Use cases

EMM servers must be updated regularly. If a new version is released, most customers download the updates at the same time thus overloading the manufacturer’s download server.

This reduces download speed considerably and takes significantly longer to complete. Assuming there are multiple servers that need to be updated on the same day, this creates long waits and frustration for IT administrators.

What would you say if the processing speed could be improved by using your own upgrade repository?

Nomasis solution

  • Set up a user-defined repository on your local network or in your own cloud instance
  • Improve download speeds by a factor of 40
  • Documentation for use by the administrator in installing new updates


  • User-defined type upgrade repository, on-premise or in the cloud (e.g. With Amazon)
  • At least 40x faster than the speed of the official manufacturer repository
  • Download the image once to your local network and use it for all instances of your EMM solution
  • Optional HTTPS set-up with basic authentication



Upgrade Path Tool

zum Upgrade-Pfad-Tool

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