MAM – Mobile Application Management for unmanaged devices

Use cases

A Board member want to test an application from another company without to retire his device from current MDM. The requirement of the other company is to register the device with their MDM so they can push the application to the device. The deregistration of the device and lose his work content on the phone to test the application, must be prevented.

Nomasis solution

MAM, or Mobile Application Management, enables applications to be made available to iOS devices that are not managed and have not an Apple MDM certificate deployed to them, i.e. without an MDM profile. The apps are published to a MAM URL that can be entered into a web browser on the device. Users can be invited to download applications and must authenticate with a username and password in order to gain access to the available applications. Public iOS applications and in-house iOS applications can be distributed.


  • Testing application without to retire the device from your MDM.
  • For the Board member only the MAM URL is needed to test the application
  • No impacts for the user on the daily business during the testing

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