Manage Windows 10 devices (BYOD)

Manage Windows 10 laptops and smartphones with the EMM solution (BYOD)

Use cases

  • Maintenance of the inventory of the 10 BYOD fleet and distribution of the PIM data (e-mail, contacts, calendar) to the native Windows 10 applications
  • Strongly certificate-based authentication (+ Kerberos Constrained Delegation) for ActiveSync
  • Distribution of VPN policies (e.g. Pulse Secure), Wi-Fi configuration on the Windows 10 laptops
  • Management of Windows update policies
  • Distribution of MSI and EXE applications

Nomasis solution

  • Use of the EMM solution to distribute policies, apps and configurations
  • Support for documenting the registration process
  • Automatic reports on the mobile fleet with EMM scripting: distributed via e-mail and stored to a FileShare for management every week
  • Support for migration from Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows Phone 10


  • Centralised management for all your mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Baseline security for your BYOD Windows 10 devices
  • Granular control of Windows 10 updates
  • Recommendation of public applications from the Windows Store for your users


Data sheet

Data sheet MobileIron Windows 10

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