Remote Desktop tool on iOS/Android with an EMM solution

Microsoft Remote Desktop tool on iOS/Android with an EMM solution

Use cases

The company’s helpdesk must be able to access Windows Server and desktop systems remotely from iPads (e.g. for interventions at the weekend or at night).

Nomasis solution

  • Distribution of user-friendly and personalised iOS web clips for helpdesk employees by the EMM solution
  • Use of Microsoft RDP-URL schemas to automate configuration of the application
  • Use of the MDM system to generate the web clips dynamically based on user attributes
  • Integration of the solution with the iOS per-app VPN function. Users are authenticated with a certificate and the entire communication between the device and the back-end server is securely transmitted.


  • Automatic per-app VPN: Users do not need to concern themselves with the technical set-up and can focus on their tasks instead. The VPN is automatically triggered when the user clicks on the server icon; the RDP application automatically launches with pre-configured server IP address and own user name.
  • No need to purchase third-party services or applications; the technology builds only on EMM features and the official Microsoft Remote Desktop tool (freely available in the Apple AppStore)


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