Secure SAP apps & enable SAP SSO with EMM solution

Use cases

SAP systems are distributed all around the world. SAP Mobile applications have grown more reliable and more user-friendly, and your employees are now able to use these applications on the go and return their focus to their main business activities.

  • What about EMM integration?
  • Can Single-Sign-On be provided for SAP applications, with all communication secured during use?
  • Are the data from your core business securely stored on your employees’ Android and iOS smartphones?

Nomasis solution

  • Your SAP Fiori Client application for iOS can be customised
  • The administrator’s documentation is provided to generate the application for your iOS/Android fleet, to sign it, configure it and distribute it
  • The SAP solution is integrated into your MDM or MAM-only servers with Single-Sign-On
  • We offer consulting to tailor your architecture to the business requirements at hand


  • The customised SAP Fiori or official iSec7 Mobility AppConnect application can be used
  • Security with the latest AppConnect technologies
  • Secures all communication with the AppTunneling functions, relieves the application and applies DLP (data-loss prevention) policies
  • Certificate-based authentication for back-end SAP servers is allowed


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