Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S)

Intune – Support your diverse mobile ecosystem

Intune is a cloud-based service in the enterprise mobility management (EMM) space that helps enable your workforce to be productive while keeping your corporate data protected. With Intune, you can:

  • Manage the mobile devices your workforce uses to access company data.
  • Manage the mobile apps your workforce uses.
  • Protect your company information by helping to control the way your workforce accesses and shares it.
  • Ensure devices and apps are compliant with company security requirements.

Common business problems that Intune helps solve:

  • Protect your on-premises email and data so that it can be accessed by mobile devices
  • Protect your Office 365 mail and data so that it can be safely accessed by mobile devices
  • Issue corporate-owned phones to your workforce
  • Offer a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) or personal device program to all employees
  • Enable your employees to securely access Office 365 from an unmanaged public kiosk
  • Issue limited-use shared tablets to your task workers

Advanced Threat Analytics – Detect suspicious activity right away

Reduce your risk of costly damage and get all the information you need in a succinct, real-time view of the attack timeline with Advanced Threat Analytics. All the intelligence to learn, analyse, and identify normal and suspicious user or device behaviour is built-in:

  • 146 days*. Median number of days an attacker resides within a network before detection.
  • > 63 %*. Over half of all network intrusions are due to compromised user credentials.
  • $ 3,8 millionen*. Average cost of a data breach to a company.

*Source: Microsoft

Cloud App Security – Elevate your security posture by taking control of your cloud environment

Microsoft Cloud App Security gives you visibility into your cloud apps and services, provides sophisticated analytics to identify and combat cyber threats and enables you to control how your data travels:

  • Discover and assess risks. Identify cloud apps on your network, gain visibility into shadow IT, and get risk assessments and ongoing analytics.
  • Control access in real time. Manage and limit cloud app access based on conditions and session context, including user identity, device, and location.
  • Protect your information. Get granular control over data and use built-in or custom policies for data sharing and data loss prevention.
  • Detect and protect against threats. Identify high-risk usage and detect unusual user activities with Microsoft behavioral analytics and anomaly detection capabilities.

Azure Information Protection

Control and help secure email, documents, and sensitive data that you share outside your company walls. From easy classification to embedded labels and permissions, enhance data protection at all times with Azure Information Protection—no matter where it’s stored or who it’s shared with.

Azure Active Directory Premium

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a multi-tenant, cloud-based directory and identity management service.

As a certified Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S) partner and manufacturer-independent managed service provider, Nomasis offers comprehensive consulting and integration services as well as managed services for mobile IT and mobile security.

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