Teamwire is a fast, intuitive and secure enterprise messaging app. Teamwire solves the WhatsApp problem of businesses, increases productivity and improves team communication in the messaging era. [...]


With Pointsharp you enable secure access to company applications through mobile devices. Pointsharp Login App makes it easy for the users to login securely with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) [...]

NetMotion Wireless

You only have full mobility if you can switch from one medium to another without interrupting the connection. In this day and age, it goes without saying that this must be done securely.

Open as App

Open as App creates Apps for your team and your customers based on the data of your daily work. Automatically, always up-to-date, instantly available. Spreadsheet = App


MobileIron is the security backbone for the digital enterprise, protecting corporate data across apps, networks, and clouds. Traditional PCs and Windows-based tools are disappearing and employees [...]


Microsoft Windows management for a modern workplace: As companies embrace the modern workplace, they’re also evolving their approach to managing and deploying Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus. [...]


Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security places enterprises in a position to identify and combat mobile threats to employee devices.


The most secure USB stick in the world protects your business against data espionage. Take the opportunity of making select content, applications and services systematically accessible.

incapptic Connect

incapptic Connect helps large companies to keep their mobile apps up to date: the app release process is simplified (saves at least 2-3 person-hours per release) and accelerated (up to 100x-1000x).

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