Quickly and easily comply
with security information and protocols

Employers can now easily and dynamically distribute safety information and protocols to quickly comply with new workplace policies

This is a mobile app for businesses, to help employees return-to-work safely according to company protocols. The Safety Instructions app can be downloaded on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

The app allows you to equip all staff and visitors with detailed instructions on social distancing, site floorplans, evacuation procedures and emergency contact details.


  • Publish policies for employees & visitors on their mobile device
  • Publish COVID-19 policies to employees & visitors via their mobile device
  • Publish changes and updates to policies in an instant
  • Provide immediate, click-to-call access to emergency contacts
  • Use the companion app to register and track site visitors

Setup guide

Fill in the form and a download link along with a setup guide will be emailed directly to you

Screenshots & FAQ


What is the purpose of the Safety Instructions App?

The Safety Instructions platform helps organizations to share Health & Safety guidelines in a user- friendly and safe way with employees and visitors to their organization.

What information can an organisation share through the app?

The platform ensures the safe and user-friendly distribution of:

  • Important (emergency) phone numbers
  • Health & Safety Instructions and your companies code of conduct.
  • Evacuation plans
  • Floorplans

Are my company details kept safe?

The Safety Instructions platform runs on Microsoft ‘s Azure Cloud platform in the European zone. The data in the app on your device is stored in a database that is only accessible to the app itself.

Naturally, we recommend that users and organizations protect their devices with the correct settings and applications. Think of PIN codes to unlock the device, encryption settings and Mobile Device Management technology.

Is there a way to test the app first?

You can create a management account on the portal and fill the portal as you see fit. As an administrator of the instructions, you can also check the entered content directly in the app before it can be seen by anyone else.

What if instructions change?

The Safety Instructions platform has a built-in synchronization mechanism. Any change of data is detected by the app immediately and automatically triggers an update process.

What about my privacy?

The Safety Instructions platform does not depend on your personal data or your current location. That is why we do not register any data of employees and visitors and you do not have to create a personal account. The Safety Instructions app does not use data on your phone or tablet. Any available instructions in your area are displayed on a map. This function depends on the location settings on your phone or tablet.

How does Safety Instructions help my organisation maintain social distancing?

  • When scaling down the intelligent lockdown, organizations will have to open up their physical locations such as offices, factories, shops, catering establishments and healthcare institutions (hereafter referred to as site/sites) in a smart way to employees and visitors.
  • A strict(er) access and calamity policy will have to be set up for each site to prevent the spread of Corona.
  • For each organization/site, instructions and procedures for access, code of conduct, routing of visitors and emergency response will have to focus on the new normal (also referred to as the 1.5 meter economy).
  • Organizations must be able to store, update and share these instructions and procedures in a simple, uniform and effective manner with employees and visitors to their sites.
  • Employees and visitors to a site must have access to the aforementioned protocols and information in a very user-friendly manner. Preferably, this data is immediately visible on their smartphone when one enters a specific site.
  • Because the instructions and procedures will (have to) change over time, a simple and robust synchronization mechanism of the most current information is crucial.
  • A uniform and clear method of sharing the safety instructions of organizations is necessary for the introduction of the new normal. The Safety Instructions app is the ready-made basis for (partly) realizing this.

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