Our company was founded on the conviction that it is not enough to meet expectations. Our goal is to exceed expectations and be more than “just another service provider”. Our customers know that we invest in their success every day, that we are their trusted advisor – always ready, always available, always innovating to deliver the best solutions, services and support.

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We help companie and their employees to securely access applications and data anywhere, anytime, and from any device.


People have secure access to information anytime, anywhere.

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With each other. For each other. The Core Values shape our culture and guide our behaviour and actions in our dealings with internal and external stakeholder.


Passion for customers

We all love to work with and for customers and help them to make their life better on a daily basis. We work on fast, reliable and solution-oriented customer services and solutions.


Collaborate & Challenge

Nomasis works together as a big team. We question each other to make ourselves better. We do not think in silos, communicate open with each other and take responsibility for the wellbeing of the company.


Eager to learn

In a fast-moving market, it is important for us to be fast and agile. We keep our know-how up to date in all areas and are motivated to improve our education and skills on regular basis.


Ideas motivate action

We are all working to optimize Nomasis for our customers. Every employee brings new ideas which are actively incorporated into the processes, products and our portfolio.

We try for success.

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